Seattle's Blue Moon Daughter plays original arrangements of classic jazz and pop tunes. Featuring captivating arrangements and Crystal Jones' magical vocals, their contemporary sound draws in the crowds. The band brings flavors of Motown and modern Pop, giving them a unique yet wide-spread appeal. Jammin' with style and passion tunes from earlier artists like Billie Holiday to Jobim and bringing in an exciting selection from the non-jazz side as well, featuring songs by artists like the Beatles and Stevie Wonder. Blue Moon Daughter always presents a show that leaves the crowd wanting more.

It's a 3-to-5-piece band with style. Crystal Jones has mesmerizing vocal tone and a polished performance, Michael Cosgrove plays the guitar with taste and style, various Bass players give the audience a familiar old chill as they work over the bass. Depending on the venue, there may also be drums and a keyboard or second guitar for a band that really fills the room.

You can find Blue Moon Daughter in many local venues, but don't hold them to local! This is a band with potential. Keep your eyes and ears open for updates.

      Crystal Jones, vocals
Michael Cosgrove, guitar
Various Bass, Keyboards, Guitars, Drums depending on venue

Crystal Jones Grew up in Detroit and came out here for the greener pastures and great Winter weather.
Growing up in a suburb of Chicago, Michael Cosgrove wanted to be in the Beatles and later studied jazz with Seattle's Al Turay.
Blue Moon Daughter